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When to Start Treating Sputum Cough

Phlegm cough is one sign of a bacterial or viral infection in the respiratory tract. If not resolved, coughing up phlegm can disturb your rest and activities. Coughing itself is the body's defensive reaction to expel foreign objects that irritate or infect the respiratory tract. The foreign object can be dust, bacteria, or viruses. One type of cough is phlegm coughing which produces mucus. Usually this type of cough occurs when you have a cold or throat infection. When you experience a cough with phlegm, you may feel that mucus is stuck or congested in the back of your throat or chest. Now, with a cough, the body tries to expel the mucus through the nose or mouth. The goal is to keep the respiratory tract clean so that you can breathe more comfortably. Immediately treat cough with phlegm Based on the time period, both cough with phlegm and dry cough can be categorized as acute and chronic. An acute cough can last less than three weeks, while a chronic cough can last more than
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Various Ways to Treat Cough with Phlegm

There are various ways to treat cough with phlegm. You can do simple treatments at home or take phlegm cough medicine, both over the counter and by prescription. Sputum coughing occurs when the body tries to expel phlegm or mucus from the respiratory tract. Cough accompanied by phlegm can be caused by flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, or asthma. So that your health condition can recover soon, you need to know the right way to treat phlegm cough. How to Relieve Sputum Cough To relieve cough with phlegm, here are some things you can do: Drink warm water One of the easiest ways to treat cough with phlegm is to increase the consumption of warm water. When you consume warm water, the phlegm attached to the back of the throat can become thinner, making it easier to remove. Take a warm shower In addition to consuming warm water, a warm bath is also one way to deal with cough with phlegm. Warm water vapor can help relieve throat, thin the phlegm, and relieve a persistent cough. Drin

First Aid for Asthma Must Be Known

If you or a family member suffers from asthma, it is important to know the proper ways of first aid in asthma. Thus, you do not panic and know what to do if a sudden asthma attack occurs. Asthma can make sufferers difficult to breathe. When an asthma attack comes, the airways will swell, narrow, and produce a lot of mucus. This condition can happen to anyone, no matter what age and gender. Ranging from babies to adults, both women and men. The triggering factors for asthma attacks are different for each person. Things that can trigger asthma symptoms can include dust, cigarette smoke, animal dander, fatigue, stress, or drug side effects. Although it cannot be cured, the onset of symptoms of asthma can at least be anticipated and prevented. With proper treatment, asthma symptoms can be controlled so that it does not interfere with the lives of sufferers. Symptoms of an Asthma Attack Asthma attacks can occur suddenly, anytime, and anywhere. Symptoms include: Wheezing (wheezing),